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As Ideal Law Office, we provide all kinds of legal services that companies may need in the field of commercial law. Providing legal consultancy to foreign investors in Turkey, preparing partnership agreements within the scope of these investments and providing the necessary legal support during the establishment of these companies, advising on all kinds of legal issues related to the investments of Turkish companies in foreign countries are within the scope of our law office. As Ideal Law Office, we identify the missing issues of companies by conducting on-site investigations in the fields of commercial and corporate law, and we make legal risk analyzes by determining their needs according to the result. All necessary studies regarding legal risks, which are determined as a result of these analyzes, are carried out by our law office and these legal risks are eliminated.


As Ideal Law Office Firm, some of the services we can provide you in the field of Commercial and Corporate Law are as follows:

1-Writing the articles of association of the company

2-Making amendments to the articles of association and increasing the capital

3-Company general assembly procedures

4-Company share transfer transactions

5-Company establishment, type change and company mergers

6-Loss and bill of exchange cases

7- Lawsuits filed against partners about company decisions

8-Cooperative lawsuits

9- Providing continuous consultancy services to companies and cooperatives

10-Negotiable documents law

11-Partnership agreements

12-Overseas investment consultancy

13-Overseas receivables follow-up.

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