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Enforcement and bankruptcy law is a branch of law that allows the creditor to benefit from the power of the state in order to obtain his receivables in the easiest and fastest ways. In this branch of law, collection of court decisions (writs) through execution, collection of bills of exchange (promissory notes, checks, policies) through execution and collection of receivables based on an ordinary document or even not based on any document are made possible. In addition, the boundaries and methods of bankruptcy and concordat were drawn, and what should be done by creditors and debtors were regulated. Ideal Law Office Firm, which gives importance to speed and practical solutions in this branch of law, offers all kinds of legal services to its clients. These services are carried out separately as litigation attorney service and consultancy service. We can list the consultancy services and attorneyship services provided in this field as follows:


 Consultancy services:

  1. Supervision and regulation of bills of exchange
  2. Participation in executive tenders
  3. Arranging and supervising the sales transactions of confiscated goods
  4. Supervision of insolvency in companies
  5. Company recovery efforts
  6. Providing consultancy services in the office, by phone or in writing, provided that it is during working hours


Litigation services:

  1. Execution proceedings based on writs, writs and bills of exchange
  2. Enforcement Criminal cases
  3. Other cases falling under the jurisdiction of the Enforcement Court
  4. Bankruptcy cases
  5. Cases for Postponement of Bankruptcy
  6. Cases for annulment of the tender
  7. The precautionary seizure lawsuit
  8. Objection and cancellation of objection cases
  9. Restitution cases
  10. Negative clearance cases
  11. Actions for annulment of disposition
  12. Action for recover the property.

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