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As Ideal Law Office Firm, we provide legal services and consultancy services to our clients in family law and divorce matters. The importance and function of the family, which is the basis of today’s social life, is obvious to everyone. People who find themselves in the family as soon as they are born marry another person after they reach a certain maturity and age. Even though it is not desired, some problems may arise during and after this marriage process. Problems and disputes that arise at this point should be carefully followed up both psychologically and legally, managed correctly, and resolved successfully and effectively by ensuring that the rights of the parties are fully protected. Ideal Law Office Firm, which makes it a principle to reach the most effective solution in the shortest time possible by our lawyers who are experts in the field of family law, by considering the sensitivity and importance of the process, provides all kinds of support to its clients in this field.


As Ideal Law Office Firm, some of the services we can provide you in the field of Family Law are as follows:

1-Contested or un-contested divorce cases,

2- Arrangement of an Contested Divorce Protocol

3- The case of division of property

4-Judicial Separation Case (divorce a mensa et thoro)

5- Custody Case

6-The case for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages

7- Alimony case

8-Paternity related cases

9-Litigation related to engagement

10- Taking a precautionary decision in cases of domestic violence and similar cases.

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